PK6130A Specification

                 Vehicle Size 12360mm x 2500mm x 3600mm L x W x H
   6550mm Wheelbase
                  Frame  Finland Stalatube Stainless Body & ChassisFrame
                  Covering  Fibreglass front & rear headers, Whole Piece Fibre Glass Side Panels + Roof Covers
                  GVM > 18 tons
                  Chassis Britain Cummins ISL 360, 8.9L 360HP + Bosch Hydraulic Cooling Drive
   Allison T390R 6 Speed AT with Hydraulic Retarder
   ZF Independant Steering Axle with Air Suspension, Disc Brakes with ABS
   ZF Drive Axle with Air Suspension, Diff Ratio 4.7, Disc Brakes with ABS
   Alcoa Alloy Dura-Bright Rims 8.25 x 22.5
   ZF Steering
   ECAS Suspension Control: Raise & Lower
   400L Aluminum Fuel Tank
                   A/C German Spheros, Cooling + Heating, Bock Compressor, Independent  Generator
  Options: MCC / Tracs / Thermo King
                 Electric  Surveillance System: 3 Cameras + Monitor
   Reversing Assistance: Visual + Acoustic
   Multi-media system: Radio + CD/DVD Player + Microphone Jack + Amplifier
   Luggage Bin Pressure Fan
   Multi-function Steering Wheel
   Electrical Control of Rear View Mirrors
                Body 49 - 57 Passenger Seats
   Through Luggage Bin + Luggage Racks
   Fully Welded Bin Floor (Tough Design Requirement)
                Options  Aluminium Bull Bar
   Windscreen Stone Guard
   USB Port for Passenger Seats
   Wheelchair Accessor
   More options for Interior & Exterior please Contact Us
Seat Layout